Try & Buy Program

Even the automobile, the computer, and the Internet were introduced with skepticism about their potential benefits.  Today, can you imagine life or wiork without them?

We understand that the MouseCart is a new, innovative way for your company to re-think how many tasks are performed today.  From picking oprders to maintenance and from janitorial to just plain transportation, the MouseCart has revolutionized how we perform those functions.  As we like to say, “Why Walk, When You Can Glide!”

We are so convinced that the MouseCart will have a substantial positive impact on the speed, efficiency, and safety of many of your applications that we offer a “Try and Buy” Program.  With this program, your company purchases and takes delivery of a MouseCart.  Although the imp[acts of the MouseCart are realized within minutes of initial use, we let you “Try” the MouseCart for 10 days.  If your company determines that it will not fit your application within 10 days, the MouseCart can be returned and your order will be cancelled.  Just call for a Return Authorization Number within 10 days of delivery.  Customer is responsible for the freight costs to return the MouseCart to the location of origin.  That’s it!  The Try and Buy Program is an easy way to learn the many ways that the MouseCart can benefit your company now!

PDF Download: Try & Buy

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